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  • Presentation in Beirut, December 2014
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“NIDO” comes from “Nido D’Ape” in Italian, which means “Bee’s Nest” because of the resemblance in its form to that of a Bee’s nest or a Honey Dipper. NIDO is one of the 10 winning projects participating in the “10 100 1000” design competition sponsored by Squad Design Beirut. The brief of the competition was to design a wooden stool that could fit in a 35x35x35 cm box.

The main idea behind NIDO was to “Add more value” to this object in a way that it could be perceived and experienced as “something more than just a stool” by turning it into a magazine rack or a side table thanks to the deliberate sophistication of its form.

NIDO is composed of 6 wooden disks made out of Avodire wood and a main shaft at the center made out of Okoume wood. Produced by Squad Design Beirut as a limited edition of 100 pieces.


  • Client - Squad Design
  • Date Completed - December 2014
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