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The “Space Filling Lighting System” is a concept design project that was developed for the Italian lighting manufacturer Targetti in 2011.

The premise of the project was to create modular lighting systems, as ceiling lights, that could fill the spaces in either horizontal or vertical planes with light. The final results were two groups of lighting “Orbit” and “Traversa”.

The “Orbit”consists of a series of illuminated Rings using LED lamps with diffusers that create a constant ring of light in different diameters. Thanks to a series of different mounts, multiple combination of these illuminated rings could be created in both horizontal and vertical planes.

The “Traversa” instead consists of light beams the could rotate around their longitudinal axis, using a motorized mechanism that could be controlled from an application on the smart phone. The rotational movement allows the beams to shed light either downward (focused light) or upward, towards the ceiling (indirect light).

  • Client - TARGETTI S.r.l